Hidden Identity 2

This series of images are carried on from my previous set of photographs.

After looking at Gunter Brus’ work, in which he self paints. I was inspired to try out a similar process. However, my model is very calm so my images do not portray the same darkness in which Brus is able to convey. However, this is not an issue as it reflects the sitters identity.

In contrast to the previous photos I asked my sitter to smear black face paint over the top of the white and let it carry on, onto his clothes. These photos show a development in confidence, between myself and him. These images are more bold and striking as he becomes more confident in front of the lens.


Hidden Identity

These images are me reflecting on the idea of hiding your true identity. I chose this specific sitter as he is very modest and quiet and the only way in which I was allowed to photograph him was if his face was covered.

What I found interesting is that there is only a thin layer of face paint between him and the viewer, yet it allows him to feel at ease with the camera.

I decided to make him pale and washed out so that he would almost go unseen as he stands in front of a white backdrop. This possibly echoes his personality as he explains how he sits and listens to people most of the time, and understands what is happening around him rather than being the ‘loud’ one in his social circle.


Inspired by Growth and Evolution I wondered what it would be like to be emotionally stuck in the past. I chose a character who is stuck in time and is unable to move on.  She is not allowing herself to grow and evolve into the future. So here I constructed wax shoulders to place on my model as if she had been stuck in time.



This was another photo-shoot from “Growth and Evolution”

I called her the “Skeleton Beauty” as even though there is something haunting about her, there is also something peaceful and beautiful about her.



My Head Is An Animal


I set up many many sweets on table outside, and filled a mixing bowl with white paint and water (not wanting to waste the milk!) I then got Ollie to dive his head into the bowl to create a big splash, this took many attempts and a warm shower for him afterwards.